Monday, March 8, 2010

Mirror Mirror

A post inspired by the wonderful The Dungeon Alphabet book, I present a selection of magical mirrors to inspire both fear and wonder.

Traits (These effects are always on)

1- Is connected to a similar mirror elsewhere, and the scene shown is that of the other mirror. (50% of such mirrors also transmit sound, allowing complete communication)
2- The answer to asked questions are shown visually in the reflection...(50% of such mirrors always give the wrong answer)
3- Damage to mirror reflected onto those reflected in it
4- Gives off a pale glow
5- Time delayed (shown reflection is from a couple hours/days/years in the past)
6- The reflection of any writing is translated and shown in a single language
7- Items can be placed in mirror as sort of storage, which show in reflection
8- Can swap items in mirror by trading with your reflection, cursed items become uncursed, uncursed become cursed
9- Casts reverse/opposite version of scroll shown to it, or spell cast into it
10- Viewer becomes transfixed and cannot look away
11- Regenerates wounds of viewer at a rate of 1hp per minute of viewing
12- Detects magic by showing a glow around any magical object in the reflection
13- Invisible objects and creatures are shown in the reflection
14- Shows the true identity of disguised creatures in their reflection, and the reflection of those that lie take on a visible aura.
15- Shows self a few moments into the future based on current intention (see what the result of drinking a particular potion would be)
16- Reflects a person's idealized self
17- Gives viewer extra confidence
18- Energy drain as per Wight
19- Ages Viewer at rate of 1 year per minute spent viewing
20- Thoughts of viewer are visible in the reflection

Activated Powers

1- Viewer's values become opposite of current. Changes a character's alignment to its opposite.
2- A soul is trapped in the mirror, upon activation, the soul of the viewer is swapped with the trapped soul, and the previous viewer is now trapped with the other now in control of their body.
3- The mirror can shrink down to pocket size for transportation. Very useful if the mirror contains additional properties.
4- Allows the user to scry a distant location in the mirror that is spoken.
5- Shows the current view of the living person who has a particular trait (most powerful, fairest, etc.)
6- Transport to shown location by stepping through
7- Can change viewers appearance to that of another individual for a short time
8- Erases living creatures reflected in mirror from existence
9- Allows entities in some other plane to emerge into this one
10- Shows reflection of area on opposite side of wall mirror is hung upon
11- User Shrinks or Grows (reversed if used again)
12- Grants a single wish (50% of such mirrors always grant the opposite of what is wished for)
13- Turns day to night and night to day
14- Creates mirror image duplicates of viewer as per spell
15- Duplicate of self emerges from mirror, opposite in every way
16- Can hold a conversation with your subconscious self (or other entity taking your form), as represented by your reflection
17- Creates a clone of viewer at that point in time, which is activated upon the death of the original, only one clone per viewer, which is updated with skills, knowledge, and equipment each time viewed, limited charges
18- Creates temporary/mindless clones of self to use on menial tasks
19- Changes viewers gender
20- Casts Quest spell onto viewer

Activation Methods

1- Command Word (80% chance to be written on mirror frame)
2- Simply viewing self for short period of time
3- Touching/Stepping Through
4- Look through specific gem type or viewing instrument
5- Casting a particular spell at the mirror
6- Activates at particular time of day
7- Smearing fresh blood across its surface
8- Pressing a button hidden in the frame
9- Placing a special key in the right spot on the frame
10- Turn mirror to face a particular direction
11- Hang/place at a particular location
12- Reciting of common prayer
13- Answering/solving a riddle engraved in the frame
14- Turning the mirror around and viewing from the back
15- View mirror through another mirror
16- Writing/engraving name/question/desire on surface
17- Placing/assembling special frame around mirror
18- Reflection of environment is slightly different (item in wrong place) correcting environment to match the reflection activates the mirror
19- Speaking desire or key phrase backwards
20- Walk around mirror in particular direction a certain amount of times

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Latest Computer Project

Just recently I was pointed Good old Games and picked up the Might and Magic collection. I was always a fan of the Wizardry and Bards Tale games, and the newer Dark Spire and Etrian Odyssey for the Nintendo DS, but I have never played any of the Might and Magic series. I was very surprised to see how well these held up, as I am having a great deal of fun working through the 4th in the series (the first 2 ended up being much too dated).

So though I have recently given up the idea of writing my own rpg rules, it seems I still have some unnatural need to create, so inspired by this, I have been writing my own Maze based computer RPG game. So, from writing just a set of rules to not only the rules, but graphics, programming, sound effects, story, etc...

Thankfully, using XNA it has been quite easy to put together and the game has been coming along nicely after just a couple weeks of work. Already one can move through the maze and fight goblins. The graphics however remain on my poorly equipped shoulders for the moment, but I wanted to show off a very early screen shot of the stalwart party in combat. The combat interface is due for an overhaul as the system itself has solidified.