Monday, July 20, 2009

A humble beginning

I have considered starting a blog for quite a while. As I find myself spending more and more time reading roleplaying blogs, especially of the old school Dungeons and Dragons variety, the more I seem to have to say.

Does anyone really care what this humble scribe has to say, that remains to be seen. I plan to use this space as a collection of my own thoughts and creations. I am a collector of rpg rules, only a fraction of those that line my bookcase have ever been played, but I do not regret their purchase. I enjoy reading rules of all sorts, and I am cursed with the never ending desire to mix and match what I feel is the best of all rules, into an unstoppable rules masterpiece. I have yet to succeed in this endeavor, and I expect many future posts to come from this pursuit.

I hope to hear from like minded people, and see what I can learn from sharing ideas.

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