Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not dead yet!

Now that the holidays have passed, and I find myself returning from the bustle of family life and back to spending more time gaming. Or at least that is the hope. I have had an ongoing obsession of trying to write my own set of rules that "fix" DnD, in fact sharing this process was one of the original ideas behind this blog. Then I read about an incredible game using nothing but the original ODnD ruleset as it's base, and I think that I have been focusing my creative energies in the wrong place.

I think I would be best served in writing and designing an interesting area full of adventure rather than fiddle with rules. Of course, I cannot help adding a few houserules of my own, but that will have to be the limit of it. Currently looking like either Castle's and Crusades or Labyrinth Lord will serve as the basis for my rules. Both have aspects I love, perhaps some crazy mashup of the two. I have the latest CnC Players Handbook on its way, should arrive tomorrow, and Labyrinth Lord just released the Advanced Companion for that game, so there is a lot there to eat up.

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