Thursday, July 29, 2010

Xbox Wizardry like game progress

I recently had a sabatical of a month off from work, during part of that time (traditional vacation aside) I treated my current game programming project like a job and got a tremendous amount of work done. I figure I am about 2 weeks away from asking some friends to give the first dungeon level or two a test.

Here are a couple screen shots. There is still plenty of cleanup work to be done, as some of the icon positions overlap other items too much. I am also using temporary artwork for the character portraits and the shopkeeper (from Final Fantasy and Ragnarok Online respectively) while I work to draw my own. So the good art is someone elses sadly and will not be part of the actual game.

The Main Character Status

Visiting the Shop

Exploring the Dungeon

Fighting some nasty Goblins

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